This is the auto-responder I use and recommend. If you want to take your business to the next level, I highly recommend an auto-responder to follow up with your customers and/or affiliates. If you are on my team, please email me at and I will forward an email series to you that is already written. All you need to do is put in your own links. 

On-line Advertising

This Direct Sales Advertising is only 5 bucks a month and gets your ad ranked in google and other search engines. The price is prorated depending on when you place your ad. For instance, if you place your ad in December of 2018, the price would be $60 for 2019. Save $5 off your ad when you advertise by clicking the link above. 
If you want to grow your business fast, use this blaster and send out 200-5K texts per day. You can also buy phone leads super cheap through here and set up a phone funnel that will weed out folks who are not interested and only leave you talking to those you are qualified and interested in your business. 
Since I travel a lot for business, I have found this to be an incredible service!
* Save Up to 75% on 1 Million Hotel Rooms

* Save up to 90% on 40,000 Condos