Cardiovascular disease remains the leading cause of death among Americans. Besides smoking, blood pressure is the number one controllable factor in disease risk. Recently the American Heart Association and the American College of Cardiology changed the guidelines for blood pressure, claiming evidence that blood pressure that is far lower than was previously recommended, greatly reduces risk of heart attack and stroke. Now anything over 120/80 is considered elevated, stage one is 130/90, and stage Two hypertension is anything over 140/90.

Under the new guidelines, over half of all Americans will be in shock to learn they now have high blood pressure. Young men and women under the age of 45, will have 2-3 times the diagnosis of high blood pressure. Statins and drugs to treat high blood pressure are controversial to say the least. Supplementation with the proper vitamins and minerals will become paramount at controlling blood pressure along with a healthy diet and lifestyle.

Krill Oil Promotes heart health and helps lower ‘bad’ cholesterol. Our krill oil is derived from the most sustainable source on the market. Krill are the largest biomass on earth. Yearly harvests are a mere few percent per year, meaning that production can continue sustainably for centuries. The harvesting of krill for the RegenaLife label is regulated by various organizations, such as World Wildlife Fund Norway. In addition, eco-harvesting effectively prevents the accidental bi-catch of birds, fish and other marine mammals. Krill harvested via traditional methods undergoes rapid decomposition.

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Supplementation is Key to Better Health


Exercise and nutrition are the two most important factors in controlling blood pressure. Sadly, our soils are so depleted that you’d have to eat about 50 peaches to get the same nutrients as 2 peaches in the 1940s. It would take 40 bowls of spinach to get the nutrients out of what only 1 bowl provided back then. Daily Dose Organic Super Greens is a supplement containing 38 essential vitamins and minerals to help balance nutrition.



2017 Hypertension Clinical Guidelines

American College of Cardiology




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