Healthy eating is the cornerstone of health. There are almost as many diets on the planet as there are people and it seems there is “science” to back up each and every one. What we need to realize is no one diet fits us all. Each of us has our own unique genetic blueprint and may react differently to various foods. What’s important is to tune into your body and listen to it. It will tell you what you need. If you feel bogged down and awful after a meal, then there is probably something in that meal that does not agree with you. If you feel energetic and full of life after a meal, then eat more of that type of food. 

Eating a clean diet free of pesticides is one of the most crucial things you need to do if you want to enjoy health and longevity. Be sure and eat a rainbow of colors. Eat plenty of organic fruits and vegetables to keep your digestion healthy and feed your body the nutrients that it needs.

Read labels and even grow your own food if you can. The following are some of the most popular ways to eat. Experiment with them and find something that agrees with you and your body. If you don’t have a problem with grains or dairy, then be sure and fill your plate at least 1/2 full of vegetables. If you need help with this, visit my health coaching tab and schedule a free consultation.