Detox From VaccinesI know, I know, we’ve all been told vaccines prevent disease and are safe, but injecting chemicals like mercury and aluminum in no way leads to health, despite what big pharma would like you to believe. Problem is, most of us didn’t find out vaccines were actually dangerous and toxic until we or a loved one had an adverse reaction. That’s why a good detox from vaccines should be on everyone’s to do list.

With the internet, there are thousands of stories of vaccine injury and death all over the place. People are waking up to the dangers of vaccines at lightening speed. As a parent myself, I had a child who went into anaphylactic shock following a dtap vaccination. This was a terrifying experience for both myself and my child. In this article, I want to talk about effective ways to detox from vaccines and safe ways you can also detox your child.

Who Should Detox From Vaccines?

The short answer is anyone who has ever taken a vaccine. If you injected a vaccine at any time in your life, you are most likely carrying around toxic chemicals in your body and organs that can lead to disease later in life. Obviously, someone that shows an immediate reaction to the vaccine like my son did, needs detox even more. Examples of people who definitely need to detox are those on the autism spectrum, anyone with skin problems, auto-immune disorders and anxiety or other mental health problems.

Remember, we live in a toxic world! Make sure you are drinking a good quality water and you change out the cleaning supplies in your home to nontoxic alternatives. In addition, eat an organic diet. If you can, grow your own. Work on minimizing your family’s daily exposure to toxins.

Recommended Ways to Detox

  1. Zeolite–  In my opinion, this is one of the fastest, safest, and easiest ways to remove metals from vaccines from the body. Zeolites are minerals that boost immunity and can absorb metals, toxins, and free radicals from the body. Zeolite can also balance the body’s pH. How zeolites work is they bind with these waste products, heavy metals, and toxins like a magnet allowing these substances to be easily eliminated from the body.
  2. Spirulina and Chlorella-Both these superfoods have been proven to bind to heavy metals in the body and flush them out. In addition, they are both an extraordinary supplier of phytonutrients and protein. These super-foods will pack your body with vitamins and minerals needed to flush out toxins.
  3. Garlic– Garlic has astounding health benefits and can be eaten raw or cooked. It adds amazing flavor and has anti-bacterial, antimicrobial effects, boosts immunity, fights cancer, and yes helps you detox.
  4. Exercise– Regular exercise allows you to sweat and clear your body of toxins. You can also use a sauna to help sweat, but this is not recommended for children. Be sure and drink plenty of clean water to hydrate before and after exercising or using a sauna.
  5. Water– Many people have detoxed using a water fast. If you do this, be sure and start with a 24-36 hr fast first and build up to longer fasts. I recommend a book by Dr. Paul C. Bragg, called The Miracle of Fasting for beginning fasters. Water fasting can do miraculous things and heal your body. Dr. Herbert Shelton cured 93% of patients who were sent home to die by conventional doctors after being poisoned by chemo. His cure rate would have probably been even higher, had the patients been able to use fasting before tearing their immune systems down with chemo. Make sure when fasting you drink only pure, distilled water.