Believe it or not, your body already knows what is best for you. Learning to tune into your inner self throughout the day helps you stay more mindful about how you are feeling and will keep you from reaching for comfort food when you aren’t even really hungry.

Let’s face it, we are all guilty of emotional eating and overeating at times. Why not implement some simple mindfulness tips to keep you on track and keep you from gaining weight? 

Here are 6 ways to honor your intuition when it comes to eating.

  1. Start planning what and when to eat at the first signs of hunger. If you wait until you are starving to eat, you will most likely grab something unhealthy. You may also overeat since you waited too long to feed your body the energy it was asking for. 
  2. Eat high energy foods. Pay attention to what gives you energy. If eating a bagel or bag of chips makes you tired and sleepy; those may not be the best choices.
  3. Don’t stuff yourself. Of course planning  your meal early in the hunger stages will help with this. However, get in the habit of breathing between bites instead of scarfing it down and stopping when you are about 75-80% full.
  4. Make a physical gesture that you are done eating. For example, push your plate away, put a napkin on it, or cross your silverware.
  5. Declare out loud that you are full. Whether you are eating with other people or alone, declaring out loud that you are full will make you less likely to keep eating.
  6. Have the waiter box up your food if out at a restaurant once you are full. You are less likely to open the box up to keep eating. However, we all love to continue grazing if it’s setting there in front of us.  

One last tip is to tune in WHILE you eat. Truly appreciate the food, the experience, the aroma, the company you are with. The more senses you can engage in the process of eating, the more satisfied your body and mind will be and the less likely you will be to overeat.

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